About Warrior

Warrior S&C is a dedicated strength and conditioning facility in Audenshaw, Tameside.

We offer a wide range of group classes such as strength classes, movement classes and conditioning classes; we will write bespoke training programmes for you to do during Open Gym; and we can offer face to face personal training and online training to fit around busy schedules, all to suit your health, fitness and performance goals. We also offer a dedicated military training programme for those wishing to join the Armed Forces.

Warrior S&C feels that everyone deserves to unlock their fitness potential, whether that be for sport performance, serving in the Armed Forces or just having fun with the kids. We believe in focusing on the individual – their goals and their needs – and want you to achieve anything you set your mind to. We feel that these goals shouldn’t be limited by fitness and through dedicated coaching, smart programming and a desire to support others, we will take pride in helping you to enjoy your fitness and unlock your awesomeness!





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