Mental Toughness. Something every person needs to overcome challenging obstacles, whether they be physical or mental. However, do you truly know how far your mental toughness will take you? Have you truly been pushed to your limits and come out on top?

Our Fit for Anything programme will do just that. You will be physically and mentally pushed to your limits over 24 hours with no sleep aiming to come out the other end a stronger person. Mentally tough and ready to take on anything. This is not just a ‘thrashing’, you will be tested in a way that you will be pushed jut as much mentally as physically. Over the 24 hours you will:

  • Endure physical hardship through military style PT including the use of logs, stretchers and other odd objects.
  • Muster together as a team to overcome challenges such as casualty evacuations, memory tests and leadership tasks.
  • Push through sleep deprivation whilst staying alert to perform physical and mental challenges under fatigue.

This programme is open to anyone who thinks they have what it takes to endure 24 hours of mental toughness challenges, but have never truly tested themselves.

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