Our Armed Forces boast some of the fittest people around. They adopt stringent physical fitness tests to both gain entry and maintain competency as a soldier. While fitness will not improve your soldiering skills, it is absolutely critical for you to carry out those skills in hostile and demanding environments.

Warrior S&C offers an extensive ‘Fit for Service’ training course to prepare you for entry into the Armed Services. Based on our head trainers’ military background and expertise in training soldiers, the ‘Fit for Service’ programme covers all aspects of military fitness from aerobic endurance to strength and strength endurance.

You will be issued with a military uniform which you will need to look after and maintain over the 6 week course. You will run, carry weight for distance, build strength, stamina and above all mental toughness. On top of this the course will also get you into the right mind set for military service as well as:

  • Weekly articles/lessons on basic military skills such as camouflage, vehicle recognition and map reading
  • Weekly articles on military history spanning from WWI to current day operations
  • Advice on how to excel in the Armed Forces with a Q+A at the end of the course.

Warrior S&C will get you ready, we will get you ‘Fit for Service’

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