Group Classes



Our Spartan class aims to develop you all-round fitness to make you the best athlete possible. Our ultimate goal is to make you fit for life.

We start every class with a targeted warm-up to prepare you for the work ahead, develop mobility and flexibility and reduce injury risk.

Then we will develop your strength and fitness through the use of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and a whole host of other equipment in our well-stocked facility.

A coach will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you move safely and adjust any part of the session to suit your current fitness level. Our Spartan class is suitable for ANYONE



The Ninja class is unlike anything you will get at other gyms. Its aim is to develop specific fitness attributes through structured training under the watchful eyes of our great coaches.

Every 8 weeks our Ninja class will have are specific goal from strength to fat loss, from conditioning to gymnastics all the while focusing on quality movement. This means results come quicker due to that focus. The class can form the bulk of your training or as a supplement to our other great classes and our coaches will guide you on how to achieve this.

What this means is you get a specific training program suited to your individual needs but conducted in a group class. It’s personal training at a huge discount!

We also offer nutrition programming as an optional extra to get the best out of your program.



Our Warrior class aims to develop your conditioning through improving speed, stamina, endurance and mental toughness.

We achieve this through structured training of the 3 energy systems to give you all-round conditioning enabling you to take on any fitness task you wish to pursue.

The class will always start with a targeted warm-up to prepare you for the session as well as minimise injury risk.

We will then spend 4 weeks at a time working on one of the 3 energy systems through intervals, circuits, and cardio training using equipment such as prowlers, sleds, battle ropes, bikes, rowers, punch bags and much more. Our Warrior class is a great supplement to those who want to perform better in our Spartan or Gladiator classes or as some great stand-alone training for events such as obstacle course races and endurance events. Again, all abilities welcome.



The aim of our Gladiator class is to prepare those who have aspirations to compete or who are already taking part in competitions.

The format of the class will be very similar to our Spartan classes in that you will be developing your strength and fitness to enable you to do anything. However Gladiator will squeeze even more into each session – meaning you will be pushed even harder. The programming will be more structured and specialised to meet the demands of competition and develop a Gladiator mentality.

This class is open to ANYONE wishing to compete or just push their performance levels, whether a beginner or advanced. Just like all of our other classes, you’ll get the same great coaching and training suited to your current ability.


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